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Healthy water in practical bags.

Rediscover water.

Menha is clean, healthy water packed in plastic bags. It has a high amount of health friendly minerals and none of the chemical substances found in tap water. Ergonomic and durable packaging is made from high-grade plastic which doesn’t dissolve any of its contents when in contact with water. It’s also very cheap to produce, making Menha almost ten times cheaper than other brands on the market.

Grab the chance.

Low price on the market makes Menha a very desirable product. Drinking water is not a decision, it’s a must. An average person drinks up to 3 litters of water per day and is a potential customer of up to 6 bags daily. As a registered dealer, you will be able to buy Menha up to 25% cheaper than the street price, depending on the quantity. If you have entrepreneurial skills and you’re looking for a source of income, take hold of this opportunity to distribute bigger amounts of water bags to points of final purchase.

Partnership plans


You can start your journey to success as a junior partner. With this rank, you’ll enjoy benefits of price discount. You’ll be able to buy Menha at a price that is 5 AKZ cheaper than the standard selling price, which will give you a margin of 5 AKZ per single unit.


  • discounted price


When your sales rise up to 2500 units per day you’ll be given even more benefits. You’ll be entitled to a priority flexible purchase. This means that you’ll be able to buy any quantity between 2500-10000 units per day. There will also be a designed time slot to assure senior partners get the quantity required.


  • discounted price
  • priority time slot


The highest partnership rank is the Premier partner. You’ll get premium benefits if you’ll be able to distribute 10.000 units per day. For our Premier partners, we offer telephone booking, contract production, price discount, priority service and limited special offers.


  • telephone booking
  • contract production
  • price discount
  • priority service
  • limited special offers

How to become a partner?

The procedure is very simple. You just have to apply at our office with your personal details, so we can track your progress and award you more benefits in the future. Our aim is to help you get the best offers possible. After you are recognized as a valuable partner, you can come to our official selling point at any time and purchase discounted products.

All we require from you is:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact
  • Home Address

You can contact us via: info@artosafrica.com

Or, simply fill out the online form:

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